Monday, October 8, 2012

Decisions in Real Estate

Decisions are the toughest things in life.  In business, we decide to make a career change.  In our personal lives, we choose our friend and those we have personal relationships.

I'd like to tell you that Real Estate Decisions were easy...they are not.  Is now a good time to buy a home?  YES...Prices are low and the interest rate on mortgages makes it almost crazy not to buy.  Think you might have not so great credit and want to know if you qualify?  Contact our affiliates through their 'apply online' process found by clicking here.

Maybe you are in a distressed situation and don't know if you should or even can sell...Mignon is a CDPE and SFR both formal training on Short Sales vs. Foreclosure options...If you don't use us at Platinum Life Properties...Please be sure you use a REALTOR.  Want to know why?  Click Here

No matter your situation...we're here to or call (678) 865-8105.

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